Terms, Conditions and Policies

Preliminary terms and conditions for Merchants

  1. The usage of Fee Plaza's services, website and mobile app is completely voluntary. Contracts with Merchants (such as education institutions) are specific and may vary. Merchants shall not construe any information provided on this website as a commitment from Fee Plaza.
  2. Receipts issued by Fee Plaza on behalf of the Merchants (such as education institutions) are subject to realization of funds, confirmed by the payment gateway / bank, as the case may be.
  3. Enrollment of Merchants is also subject to the successful KYC verification by Fee Plaza's bankers.
  4. Fee Plaza may revise its terms and conditions from time to time, with best efforts to inform the participating Merchants whenever possible.
  5. Fee Plaza reserves the right to share the Merchant and Customer data with governments, as ordered.
  6. The terms of the Merchant's Agreement with Fee Plaza will prevail over those listed here.

Preliminary terms and conditions for Customers (payers, Merchant service beneficiaries)

By initiating a payment transaction on Fee Plaza's website and / or app as a Customers(s) (payer, payers), the Customer(s) agree(s) to accept the terms and conditions mentioned below.
  1. Service definition: Fee Plaza is a fee aggregator, collects fees, issues receipts and transfers the corresponding amounts to education institutions listed herein. Fee Plaza is not responsible for any matters pertaining to the services provided by the Merchants (such as education institutions).
  2. Payment of fee using Fee Plaza website and / or app cannot be cancelled and is not refundable by Fee Plaza. Any cancellations, refunds or modifications pertaining to fees paid are bipartite matters between the Merchants and the Customer(s); Fee Plaza is not a party to such matters.
  3. Receipts issued by Fee Plaza on behalf of Merchants (such as education institutions) are subject to realization of funds, confirmed by the payment gateway or bank as the case may be.
  4. The Customer(s) shall be solely responsible for any wrong or incorrect information provided at the time of enrollment, addition of the payee (such as student) and at the time of payment. Fee Plaza will not be liable for any consequences arising out of the incorrect information provided by the Customer(s).
  5. The Customer(s) can collect the fee receipt(s) in the Merchant's (such as education institute's) format only from the corresponding Merchant and not from Fee Plaza.
  6. Fee Plaza may revise its terms and conditions from time to time

Customer privacy policy

Fee Plaza:
  1. neither views nor stores the data of the payers, such as of bank accounts and cards. Fee Plaza connects the payers to PCI DSS Compliant payment gateway(s).
  2. will share the customer's information with the corresponding Merchant, Fee Plaza's banks, payment gateway partners and government authorities as may be required, but not with any other party.
  3. reserves the right to share the customer data with courts, if ordered.
  4. does not store customer's credit card, debit card or net banking credentials.
  5. uses industry standard security systems and processes to secure customer data.
  6. will inform customers in advance, if it changes its privacy policy.
  7. will not contact customers to seek personal information either by phone or by e-mail.
  8. will not send spam e-mails; may send e-mails if the merchant requests so.
  9. may send reminder e-mails to make any pending payments.
  10. will not send marketing e-mails for third party products or services.
  11. will not make phone calls to customers, other than for transaction verification and related matters.
  12. may use aggregated data (not individual customer data) for analytics
  13. If you use MeetOptimal.com, then, the terms specified by the service providers on MeetOptimal.com, their corresponding payment gateways and countries may apply, in addition to the terms mentioned here. Even on MeetOptimal, Fee Plaza does not view or store the bank account and card data of the payers.
  14. may revise policies from time to time.

All payments Fee Plaza collects for its Merchants are through CCAvenue payment gateway, since Q3 2016. Fee Plaza is not a payment gateway.

Fee Plaza's system provide ready to use User Interfaces for Merchants to specify their payment types (e.g., quarterly fee, half yearly fee, etc.). CCAvenue credits such payments to Fee Plaza's Escrow account on the next business day. Fee Plaza normally credits such payments to Merchants' accounts (registered with IDFC FIRST Bank, at the time of Merchant's sign up with Fee Plaza and KYC), on the day it receives the amount from CCAvenue.

Fee Plaza has yet to launch MeetOptimal.com in India. MeetOptimal is SaaS. A Merchant has to sign up with a payment gateway of their choice and configure on MeetOptimal themselves. So, any payment made by their customers will be remitted to the Merchant's bank account directly by that payment gateway.

Fee Plaza system neither stores card data nor can view, except knowing whether it is a credit card or a debit card that the payer has used.