Fee Plaza LLP offers various fintech softwares-as-a-service for enterprises, NGOs, societies, not-for-profits and other entities. Established on 21 June 2016 at Bangalore, India, Fee Plaza has grown to be profitable. Explore the Fee Plaza website and contact us for launching Fee Plaza licenced Fintech in your country or for making your enterprise fiscally efficient and convenient.

Fee Plaza has two lines of businesses, viz., 1. Fintech SaaS (available globally) and 2. Online payment collection service (in India)

Start your own online payment collection service in any country! Just licence the Fee Plaza Fintech platform and begin your operations. Fee Plaza will internationalize and localize for your country's requirements. To know more, click here.

Fee Plaza offers plug 'n' play online fee collection service to enterprises. Enterprises need not invest in information technology and instead can tap online payment collection service from Fee Plaza. Fee Plaza eliminates the costly and error-prone process of data reconciliation, by collecting of enterprise-required non-financial data pertaining to the payments & payers. Fee Plaza is white-labeled, offers enterprise branded payment apps and payment web pages.
At Fee Plaza, we believe in bringing convenience and efficiency in electronic payments; convenience to both the Payers and the Merchants. We believe that all routine tasks such as paying and collecting fees and billing invoices, should be completed at finger tips or with just a touch.
Fee Plaza offers complimentary listing of its Merchants' businesses on its IN Plaza app.