Fee Plaza

Fee Plaza's excellent capabilities

Fee Plaza provides its Merchants

  1. Merchant-branded online payment collection platform
  2. Merchants need not incur any Information Technology expenses
  3. Merchants get non-financial data associated with payment; ease of reconciliation of payments data
  4. Immediate onboarding after destination bank account verification (KYC i.e., Know Your Customer)
  5. Payers can pay with credit cards, debit cards, net banking, UPI (India-specific) and all UPI enabled wallets!

Fee Plaza provides banks all the above, as a super-white-labeled service, on a pay-per-use / rental basis.

Fee Plaza offers a variety of FinTech services

Super white labeled platform for banks and financial institutions

Banks can partner to offer Fee Plaza's services under their brands. Banks need not invest in Information Technology but can avail these services on rental / transaction fee basis. In partnering with Fee Plaza, banks can service new markets.

Banks can venture into structured fee collection and invoice billing, by partnering with Fee Plaza. This will not only provide competitive advantage for banks but also create at least two new revenue streams from transaction fees and float of the online payments collected on behalf of the Merchants.


Merchant-branded structured fee collection

Fee CounterMerchants that collect payments repeatedly from their customers of specific categories (same amount, non-financial data, etc.), can use Fee Plaza's Apps and Web channels for collecting payments online. These can be for services provided regularly or for events.


Invoice billing

Invoice Billing payment collection 

Merchants can login to Fee Plaza platform, upload their invoices and send them to their payers. Payers will receive e-mails with invoices and unique payment links. Upon payment, Fee Plaza will e-mail receipts to payers and Merchants too will receive a copy. Merchants can login to their dashboards on Fee Plaza and download reports.