Fee Plaza

Fee Plaza

Incorporated on 21 June 2016 (LLP Registration Number AAG-7413), Fee Plaza has quickly established itself as the most trusted FinTech enterprise. It launched its transaction platform as quickly as 6 Sep 2016, making it among the very companies that launched its commercial operations so quickly. Thereon, Fee Plaza has grown in enrollment of Merchants and in the volume of transactions.

We are a team of successful entrepreneurs, technologies and domain experts, continuously striving to make businesses efficient and lives convenient.

Krishnamurthy Lakshminarayanappa

Co-founder and Designated Partner

Serial entrepreneur, Co-founder & Director of Collaborative Infotech Systems Private Limited; rich experience in government service and in audit; manages operations; Bachelor of Commerce.

He has traveled in 15 countries.

Venkatesh Krishnamurthy

Co-founder and Designated Partner

Serial entrepreneur; Director on the Board of Collaborative Infotech Systems; Co-founder of Bit Ignitor Technologies Private Limited, AccessParity LLP; Visiting / Guest / Adjunct Faculty at many Indian Institutes of Management in India / abroad, IIIT Bangalore, others; author of "Marketing of Information Technology" and "Create Profitable Products" best seller books; Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics, Post-graduate Diploma in Management from the Indian Institute of Management (Finance & Marketing), Bangalore and Certificate in French from Alliance Francaise.

He conceptualized the Fee Plaza platform, does product management and merchant onboarding.

He has traveled in 17 countries.

Sumanth Sundara Raghavan

Chief Technology Officer

Sumanth builds software systems. Over many years, he has built large software platforms, mobile and web apps. At Fee Plaza, he helps in delivering a high quality platform, mentors junior engineers and helps users get the benefit they actually want.

He has a Bachelors Degree in Engineering from the University of Mysore and Masters Degree in Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

He is proficient in many technologies and is focusing on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

An avid traveler, he has traveled extensively in the Himalayas, the US and West Asia.

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