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Fee Payment Process

Merchants like schools, colleges, fitness chains, preschool chains, hobby classes - all collect money from their students/ patrons / subscribers, on a periodic basis, based on criteria such as grade, type of service (education fee, transport fee, etc.), course offered, etc. Fee Plaza can provide Merchant-branded web pages and mobile apps for collecting such payments. Paying fees repetitively, is a necessary but less productive task. That means traveling to the school repeatedly, standing in seemingly unending queues, rain or shine. In metropolitan cities, parents typically spend about 48 hours at schools in paying their child's fees, every year. Imagine the wasteful efforts, stress and other hassles of paying fees over a dozen years, for every child. All this and more, as the fee receipts may be erroneous and cause headaches! Fee Plaza provides you the convenience of fee payment.

Payers can simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Payer signs-up by providing details either on the Merchant's payment page or on the Merchant branded payment app. Payer provides contact details for to receive receipts and communication. As a policy, Fee Plaza does not call the payer / beneficiary unnecessarily or spam.
  2. Payer adds a beneficiary, can be self child, friend, spouse, relative or just anyone that payer intends to pay for. Payer chooses the relevant details. The fees applicable will be predetermined for the payer.
  3. Payer agrees to the terms and clicks pay. Payer authenticates the payment with the bank (user approval is compulsory in India for online payments). That's it!

Payers will receive the receipt by e-mail. Time saved!

Payer / Merchant will pay a small convenience fee while making payments. This is tiny, compared to the immense convenience provided by Fe Plaza! We suggest the following tips for payers to benefit the maximum while using Fee Plaza's service.

  • Payers must follow all the security instructions and guidelines provided by their banks and card issuers.
  • Payers must not share their credentials with anyone, including anyone claiming to be from Fee Plaza LLP or the bank. As a policy, Fee Plaza does not seek any of the payer's financial credentials beyond what's necessary for the transaction that the PAYER makes.
  • Payers can choose to use the cards that give offers and bonus points for online transactions.
  • Payers can choose to use the cards that provide longer credit period.
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