Fee Plaza

Payment collection for Enterprises

Many enterprises collect a variety of payments, most often receivables, from their buyers, where the amounts vary with the Invoice value.

  1. These invoices have to be specific to the buyer, with the Merchant also providing unstructured data in the form of Invoice
  2. Buyers often have to be reminded to make payments.
  3. Offline invoices can be lost in transit or by the buyer.
  4. Even when the payments are for fixed unit amounts, Merchants may offer specific volume discounts to select buyers.

Plug'n'play service

This is the simplest way for entities to receive payments, without information technology expenditure. Fee Plaza ready infrastructure provides payment collection options and the dashboard provides transaction details and reports.


Integration with existing information technology infrastructure

If entities have existing information technology infrastructure, they can connect to Fee Plaza in ways such as API & others. This too will give them complete control over their payment collection transactions.