Fee Plaza

Payment collection by enterprises

Collecting payments from customers is an extremely troublesome exercise for enterprises. Customers often need to be reminded to make payments. Invoices, Goods Received Notes (GRNs) and other documents may be lost in transit or customers may just ignore those. Payment collection in cash has regulatory restrictions, risks and needs follow up too. Say goodbye to all those hassles!

Enterprises can collect payments online as quickly as within two days of signing the agreement with Fee Plaza. Enterprises can send copies of their invoices, bills, GRNs to their customers on Fee Plaza. Fee Plaza enables the payers to pay online. Fee Plaza provides electronic receipts to the payers, copies to the enterprises, immediately. Enterprises can log into their dashboard on Fee Plaza, upload payment requests, send payment requests, receive payments, receive automated settlements and look at the status of payment requests. Not just this, enterprises can remind payers to pay!


Advantages to enterprises

Enterprises can:

  1. save invoice printing expenses
  2. avoid paper risks
  3. avoid cash, check, demand draft risks
  4. have a single dashboard to know up-to-date status
  5. remind payers easily
  6. send automated electronic receipts
  7. get alerts for every payment
  8. get money remitted automatically to their accounts
  9. make the process simpler for the payers
  10. seamless banking; payers need not update records if the enterprise's bank account changes
  11. receive payments from anywhere, anytime

Advantages to payers

Payers can use Fee Plaza with the following advantages

  1. receive intimations from Fee Plaza for payments due
  2. the payment feature and the corresponding documentation will always be together
  3. have soft copy of invoices / GRNs; easier maintenance of records
  4. avoid the hassle of adding and managing the enterprise's bank account as beneficiary is unnecessary
  5. receive reminders on payments due
  6. receive e-receipts immediately upon the payment
  7. pay with any device, from anywhere, at anytime; not bound by banking hours