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At Fee Plaza, we believe in bringing convenience to lives. Lives are lovely when they are not spent waiting for some mundane tasks, like waiting in a queue. All routine tasks should be completed at finger tips or with just a touch. Life is spent well with loved ones, not in driving in mindless traffic again and again, just to pay the fees. We take away the troubles and ensure accuracy. Welcome to convenience, brought to you by Fee Plaza!


Fee payments. What about them?

Paying school fees repetitively, is a necessary task. That means traveling to the school repeatedly, standing in seemingly unending queues, rain or shine. In metropolitan cities, parents typically spend about 48 hours at schools in paying their child's fees. Imagine the wasteful efforts, stress and other hassles of paying fees over a dozen years, for every child. All this and more, as the fee receipts may be erroneous and cause headaches!


How can Fee Plaza assist?

Fee Plaza assists users to pay school fees, either for self, children, spouse or just about anyone that they care for, online and generate accurate receipt instantly!

Fee Plaza assists schools to collect fees online anytime, with immediate receipts, automated money transfers and periodic reports, all without the worries of human errors!

(C) Fee Plaza LLP. All rights reserved.