Fee Plaza

At Fee Plaza, we believe in bringing convenience and efficiency in electronic payments. We believe that all routine tasks such as collecting fees and billing invoices, should be completed at finger tips or with just a touch.

Business is efficient and life is convenient when payment collection processes are moved online. It is convenient when you need not spend time in mundane tasks, like waiting in a queue, or, in reminding someone to pay you! We take away the troubles and ensure accuracy.

Welcome to convenience and efficiency, brought to you by Fee Plaza! Explore the Fee Plaza website and contact us for making your enterprise fiscally efficient and convenient.


Collecting payments. What about them?

There are at many challenges with receiving payments online.

Setting up the payments infrastructure: It is expensive for enterprises to set up and maintain payment collection infrastructure.

Data reconciliation: Enterprises need to build applications to reconcile the payment data with the details of the payer and the purpose of the payments.

Immediacy of information: Often, enterprises cannot achieve immediate availability of information while receiving payments online.

Post-transaction processing: Often, enterprises have to draw their monies from various payment instruments to their accounts voluntarily.


What value does Fee Plaza deliver to enterprises?

Fee Plaza addresses all the challenges that enterprises face with collecting payments online.

Fee Plaza provides plug'n'play infrastructure for enterprises to receive payments online.

Fee Plaza collects non-financial data required by the enterprise, from the payer and processes the same, preventing any effort on data reconciliation.

Fee Plaza provides real-time information to both the payer and the enterprise about the payments.

Fee Plaza remits amounts to the verified bank accounts of the enterprises, without the latter having to put in efforts to transfer the amounts. Enterprises thereby do not lose the potential interest earnings from their amounts.

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